Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1988
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


Gun.Smoke is a top-down scrolling shooter that casts the gamer as a lone gunman, out to save the gold rush town of Hicksville from a fearsome group of bandits known as the Wingates. Each level has a particular target enemy, although his or her henchmen must also be taken out. Although it largely takes place on foot, the gameplay resembles Commando, with its top-down action. The screen scrolls at a constant rate, and enemies come at you from the edges, to be shot or avoided. You can grab various power-ups along the way. Finding a horse will allow you to get hit twice before you die rather than just once. There are scenes in which you raft up a river and use the tracks of a railway line. On the NES you can tap the A button to fire up and right, the B button to fire up and left, or A and B simultaneously to fire straight ahead. One-button control systems mimic all this.

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Town of HicksvilleSuper CowboyComanchi VillageDeath MountainCheyenne RiverThe Fastest of the Old WestThe BouldersFort WingateNo ReturnMourning on Sacred LandShuriken Will Never Be Faster Than The  BulletLawlessHere's where it all endsLonesome CowboyMaster of the Old WestGolden Gun

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