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Game Hammerin' Harry

Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1994
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


In the peaceful town of Carpentersville, some workers known as The Rusty Nailers decide to bulldoze a house that belongs to Harry. Harry is certainly not happy with this, and goes on a rampage, destroying workers that get in his way. As Harry, you can destroy workers in one of two ways: you can smash them when one of them gets near them, or you can pound the ground, and by doing this, you will send shockwaves in both directions.

There are four environments in which Harry needs to get through: construction sites, sewer, ship, and the mansion where Harry meets the leader who ordered the demolition of his house. At the end of each environment, a boss needs to be defeated in order to proceed to the next environment. In between these, there are bonus stages in which you have to destroy a number of enemies before time runs out.

Retro Achievements

Tear up the Shopping MaulUnconstructive BehaviorI'm on a BoatYou Spin Me Right RoundYou Can Have It, Just Let Me GoIt's Clobberin TimeHey Itsa Me Your Blue BrotherStop... Can't Touch ThisTake 2 and Call Me in the MorningCall Upon the HeavensWow You're GoodFeelin HealthyWhack-a-moleRunning LateNo Really I'm Not Hungry AnymoreStop Dropping Bombs AlreadyJeez You Almost Hit MeYou Aren't Going to Attact Customers This WayWhere Did These Cannons Come From?I'd Like to Talk to Your ManagerI'm No Cat But...Destroy the HordeMacgyver Didn't Use a HammerI Don't Want Any PancakesSeriously Stop Jumping AlreadyI Don't Want Your MoneyI'm Just Window Shopping Leave Me AloneI'm Calling OSHAStupid BirdsJust How Many Are There?So Fast So FuriousFreed from GreedWhy is Your Mansion Flooded?Master of PoundingSo Don't Stop Me NowSomeone Had Too Much CoffeeHow Many Times Do We Have To Teach You This Lesson, Old ManI'm All Natural'Cause I'm Having a Good TimeNothing Can Stop Me Now

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