Harvest Moon

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1997
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


Ever wanted to live life on a farm, with nothing but the sun, the fresh scent of your crops, the muddy fields underneath, and cows and chickens to keep you company? Well, you're in luck, because you have just inherited your grandfather's ranch, but it's in a terrible state of disrepair! What ever can you do? You're going to do like the farmers do; roll up your sleeves, get down in that dirt, fix that farm up and make it the best farm anyone has ever seen! It sure gets lonely on that farm...but not to worry! There are plenty of girls in the village, and if you treat them right and manage to win their love, you've got yourself a wife! So let's go, farmer! You've got 2 years to make a name for yourself on that farm! Work hard, and the rewards will be great!

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Stone SoupFarm Under New ManagementTurn on the TubePoopedTake a DipHi-Ho [Insert name here], Away!Bigger CabinHome Sweet HomeKulakHoedownIf the only tool you have is a hammer...Golden AxeHelicopter Get?Baby, You're GoldenSomething's Fishy Around HereMaking a Mountain out of a MolehillAll of a FlutterFurry ForagerCutting it CloseThe Hunter's QuarrySly as a FoxAn Unexpected Tub-mateHatchingBirthingIt's About TimeA Good Luck CharmThe Church-goerThe TomboyThe Flower GirlThe Animal LoverThe Wild ThingFatherhoodProud ParentChicken FeedProsperousWealthyExperienced HandFirst FlowerFive FlowersRanch HandA Lovely ScentYou Do ItEaster came late this yearHappy ThanksgivingStar Light, Star NightMan's Best FriendThe Origin of FireTraineeBest BreederHappy New Year'sHappy New Year's IISeems Like Only Yesterday...Farming FailureFruitfulFertileThe Hen that Lays the Golden EggBefore I Wilt...Not Quite what you Bargained forFarming FamilyYou Say TomatoAnd I Say PotatoFriends ForeverThe Simple Things in LifeEnough Love to Go AroundA Stroll Through TownWonderful NewsFrolicking in the Flower PatchBirds of a FeatherA Pleasant PicnicBringing Up a BabyTurnip the HeatRanch OwnerBoy Are You CornyD'awwwwww...Full HenhouseMilk MasterMilkmaidBountifulVery Versatile Vegetable FarmerGarden in BloomSuper RichWhat a Wonderful LifeMaster Rancher

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