Hello Kitty World

Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperPax Softonica
PublisherCharacter Soft
Release Date1992
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


The little kitten Kitty, her kitten pal Mimi and they undergo friend Tippy love enjoying with balloons. One day, Tippy has inflated an entire bunch of balloons when abruptly a robust wind blows. Tippy is blown away! The only way for Kitty and Mimi to discover their buddy once more is to pick some balloons and fly to her rescue. Hello, Kitty World is quite comparable to Balloon Kid – a pressured side-scrolling platform adventure where you manage a personality floating round with a balloon in the hand. Kitty (or Mimi) begins out on each level with two balloons, and by way of pushing the A button, she moves upward before sinking again if the button is no longer pushed again. When Kitty comes in contact with an enemy, she will simply rebound, but she will fall to the floor if each balloon is hit. By pushing the B button, Kitty can additionally select to let go in order to stroll round like a normal platform character. This is vital in order to reach power-ups and hidden areas. Since the scrolling is forced, it is easy to go get caught and pushed off the screen. Throughout the levels, Tippy has dropped balloons that can be picked up for points. If twenty balloons are picked up in succession, they turn into double balloons well worth more points. Enemies come each in the airborne and ground-based varieties, along with some fish that can incredibly leap out of the water. Some enemies can only fly by means of keeping balloons, and simply like in Balloon Fight, these can be disposed of via touching their balloons.

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