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Game Herzog Zwei

Sega Mega Drive / Genesis
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Release Date1989
PlatformSega Mega Drive / Genesis


The premise is that two opposing forces are in combat with one another. Each player controls a jet airplane which zooms across the screen and may turn into a ground based soldier. These ground soldiers can hurt enemy units, but can not affect bases. To take over bases scattered across the map (and ultimately, the enemy base), players must purchase new units and transport them to certain positions. In this way, the player acts more like a transport and management for different types of units rather than a combat character themselves. If the plane is ever destroyed, it restarts at the player's base location. As previously mentioned, a level is complete when either side's base is lost to the opposing forces.

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StrandedWinter warriorForest fighterBuild ships fastA first outing 2River of lava 2A desolate land 2Stranded 2Technological warfare 2Winter warrior 2Forest fighter 2Build ships fast 2some moneyUltimate UnitA first outingRiver of lavaA desolate landTechnological warfareA first outing 3River of lava 3A desolate land 3Stranded 3Technological warfare 3Winter warrior 3Forest fighter 3Build ships fast 3more moneymax UnitsA first outing 4River of lava 4A desolate land 4Stranded 4Technological warfare 4Winter is coming...Forest fighter 4Build ships fast 4max moneyAll your base are belong to red playerThe Ultimate InsultFinal victory

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