Joe & Mac

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperData East
PublisherData East
Release Date1990
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


Back in the distant past (way back - like when “rock and roll” was just rock and fast food was dinner you couldn’t catch), lived two cave dudes named Joe and Mac. Whether it was dinosaur demolition or pterodactyl hang-glidin’, life for the boys was pretty cool. Cool, that is, until a bogus bunch of neanderthal nerds crashed their village and scared off all the cave-babes. Now the cave-babes are out there - SOMEWHERE, lost and reeeeally lonely… so what are you waitin’ for? It’s up to Joe and Mac to get ‘em back. * Fight flying pterodactyls in one or two-player simultaneous play. * 12 cliff-hangin’ levels with more than 6 bonus levels to find… * Amazing arcade graphics will keep you clubbin’ to find your babes… * Joe & Mac’s pre-hysterical escapades will keep you comin’ back for more!

Retro Achievements

Bonus Stage 1Bonus Stage 2Bonus Stage 3Bonus Stage 4Bonus Stage 5Red PterodactylRocky CliffsVolcano OutlandsRed Hot Lava FieldsDinosaur GraveyardDark OutlandsHidden Stage 6Sleepy T-RexMan-Eater PlantGreen PterodactylIchthyosaursElasmosaurusGiant MammothThrough the JungleLong Neck RexAnkylosaurusSkulloHidden Stage 5Hidden Stage 4Hidden Stage 3GrasslandsStinger TreetopsLog RideWaterfallJewel CaveHidden Stage 1Hidden Stage 250kGiant T-RexInside the T-RexDino DemolitionThe Devil

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