Jurassic Park

Sega Mega Drive / Genesis
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DeveloperTec Toy
PublisherBlueSky Software, Inc.
Release Date1992
PlatformSega Mega Drive / Genesis


The Sega Genesis game based on the Jurassic Park movie/book differs from the games made by Ocean for other platforms. Basically, Sega's Jurassic Park is a side-scrolling action game. You jump from platform to platform, pick up weapons and health items, and try to make it to the end of the level with all your lives intact. This version of Jurassic Park does feature an interesting twist, however. You can play it either as Dr. Grant, or as a Velociraptor. The story and level design changes based on which character you use.

Retro Achievements

Booster ShotPower Station (Grant)Sweet RexyWalk the DinosaurNo Raptor's LandPump It UpLightning BoltSurvival of the FastestPower Station (Raptor)Pump House (Raptor)River (Grant)Don't Tase Me Doc!Mosquito BitePump House (Grant)Canyon (Raptor)Non-Smoking AreaBoom Boom Acka-LackaVolcanic BombFull FuelVisitor's Center (Raptor)Canyon (Grant)On a DietRevenge against HumanityReady for the Big OneDaily DozenMan's PrideVolcano (Grant)Visitor's Center (Grant)Back to the PastBack to the FutureAlpha PredatorWeakest Link in the Food Chain

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