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Game Killer Instinct

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1995
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


In the distant future, a monopolistic and technological corporation called Ultratech organizes a fighting tournament known as "Killer Instinct". Many fighters answer the challenge to participate, including several of Ultratech's experimental warriors. To increase the tournament's challenge, Ultratech utilizes a technology that can create bridges between alternate dimensions, releasing a creature known as Eyedol. Eyedol is a two-headed ancient warrior that was imprisoned along with his bitter rival, Gargos. Some warriors enter the tournament to seek glory or escape. Other fighters are attempting to bring an end to Ultratech's corruption.

Killer Instinct is a Rare developed fighting game published by Nintendo (and distributed in the arcades by Midway). Killer Instinct (or "KI" among its fanbase) is a 2D fighting game that features 3D rendered sprite based graphics. Players choose from 10 characters: Orchid, Cinder, Jago, Glacius, Fulgore, Riptor, Sabrewulf, Spinal, T.J. Combo, and Thunder.

Killer Instinct is known for its heavy combo based fighting system, allowing players to pull off moves that land an insane number of hits on their opponent, the highest being the "Ultra Combo". The gameplay is also known for its use of combo breakers, finishing moves and stage fatalities, double energy bars, and dance-music inspired techno soundtrack.

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Easy ModeHumiliationSupreme VictoryUltra JagoUltimate JagoJagoUltra T.J.ComboUltimate T.J.ComboT.J.ComboUltra SpinalUltimate SpinalSpinalUltra ThunderUltimate ThunderThunderUltra GlaciusUltimate GlaciusGlaciusUltra FulgoreUltimate FulgoreFulgoreUltra CinderUltimate CinderCinderUltra SabrewulfUltimate SabrewulfSabrewulfUltra OrchidUltimate OrchidOrchidUltra RiptorUltimate RiptorRiptorEyedolIdolPerfectCombo City - JagoCombo City - T.J.ComboCombo City - SpinalCombo City - ThunderCombo City - GlaciusCombo City - FulgoreCombo City - CinderCombo City - SabrewulfCombo City - OrchidCombo City - RiptorCombo City - EyedolBilly EyedolChampionKiller InstinctSpeed DemonKiller KingLegend

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