King's Quest V

Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperNovotrade and Sierra Design
Release Date1992
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


The NES version of King's Quest V retains the icon-based interface and most of the locations, puzzles, and dialogue from the earlier release. Graphics had to be re-drawn with less colors and detail to fit within the restrictions of the hardware, and the artwork in many areas is different. This version removes most alternate solutions to puzzles and does not allow many actions that would render the game unwinnable. It also shortens and eliminates several scenes; for example, it is impossible to revisit the wizard in the first house. A few locations (such as the desert) are smaller. Some death sequences have been removed or modified not to include words related to death; also, some text descriptions were altered.

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BaronThe Man HimselfEternal ImprisonmentDink HarderSticky FingersOpen Sesame!Open Sesa... WhoopsDeath Is In The Eye Of The BeholdersProtector Of The WeakThe Telltale HeartMan Of The MonthsKneel!Bottom Of The SeaRoc'd Your WorldA Monstrous DefeatThe Bitter TearsA Toymaker AffairThe Circle Of LifeLost In The WoodsDelicious PieThe Lonely KingNectar Of The Gods!Nectar Of The Two Gods!Nectar Of The Three Gods!Nectar Of The... Well... You KnowIt's A Dog's LifeThat Slithery VarmintThis Ain't No Swimmin' HoleBear HandsToadily RadicroakRubbed OutBonk On The Head TimeGet Over Here!SunstrokeHorseback AssassinThat King Is A Spy!Tiddlywinks ForeverThree WishesFreezing Your AssetsLiving On The EdgeRoped Into ThisMeat Your DemiseMagicianPrinceLeave At Your Own RiskThe PilgrimageGraham's Whacky Adventure Act IIIGraham The SupplierHome InvasionA Family RedeemedThe True King

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