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Game Landstalker

Sega Mega Drive / Genesis
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DeveloperClimax Entertainment
Release Date1993
PlatformSega Mega Drive / Genesis


A jovial fantasy yarn, Landstalker is the title that put Climax Entertainment on the map. Following the exploits of elvish treasure hunter, Nigel, and his pixie friend, Friday, they travel to a distant island to find the long lost treasure of King Nole.

The game can draw many parallels to the Zelda series, due to the game’s mostly whimsical style and emphasis on item collecting. However, Landstalker is more meticulous, moving at a slower and more developed rate, with an abundance of towns and NPCs rounding out the cast.

Retro Achievements

The sage at the Waterfall ShrineMy first jewel!Safety PassDeel Klesso ma hahmAside The ShadowMy second jewel!Like a Forest Ranger!Like a miner!Like a Lumberjack!Deja-vu but not yet...Gola's NailGola's FangGola's HornMagic Swordi'm so thirsty!Sword of IceSword of GaiaSteel BreastChrome BreastShell BreastBehind the waterfallsHealing BootsFireproofIron BootsSnow SpikesMan's best friend...On the road!Moon StoneVenus StoneSecret from MassanEcology is my priority!Tibor's childrenBlue RibbonI'm classic!I'm eccentric!I go home!I want more life stocks!Like a master!Chicken! Chicken! Chickens!!Lifestalker11 hearts51 heartsMoney 1Money 299 heartsMoney 3EndingTHE landstalkerEnding 4 life!Speedstalker

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