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Game Langrisser II

Sega Mega Drive / Genesis
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PublisherNCS Corp
Release Date1994
PlatformSega Mega Drive / Genesis


"Langrisser II" is a sequel to Warsong (whose original title is Langrisser). The events of the game take place several years after those described in "Warsong". Gone is the benevolent kingdom of Baltia, and a new power has risen - the Rayguard Empire, led by Emperor Bernhart and his four generals. Recently, Bernhart ordered his army to attack the neighboring countries, obviously searching for something. This "something" might be none else but a legendary evil sword, that makes the one who wields undefeated. It is up to the noble knight Elwin and his friends to stop the Emperor!

"Langrisser II" is a strategy RPG. The army is divided into soldier units and generals, who fight alone and who are usually stronger than a whole unit. Before the scenario begins, you must hire soldiers, buy weapons and items, etc. During the battle, if you come into contact with an enemy unit, an automatic battle sequence occurs. You can also cast healing spells on your units or offensive spells to hurt the enemy.

The major difference between "Langrisser II" and its "remake", Der Langrisser for SNES, is the absence of branching storyline in Genesis release.

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