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Game Legend of the Ghost Lion

Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1992
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


A mysterious white lion once attacked a small village and killed many of its inhabitants. But a brave soldier defeated the beast with his spear. The white lion ran away and found a shelter in a dark cave near the town. Some years later, Maria's parents organize an expedition to the cave in order to find out what the white lion really is. But they never come back...

Now Maria has to go to the cave and to search for her parents. equipped with the famous spear the brave soldier Moja used to defeat the lion, she receives the village elder's permission to descend into the cave. But while wandering through the dark corridors, she falls into a river, and a strong current brings her to the Dream World. She no longer can return back, and the fairies who inhabit the Dream World tell her that the only way to defeat the lion is to travel to yet another world - the Dark World...

In this game, you control Maria as she travels on the world maps, visits towns, and descends into dungeons. The battles are turn-based and are viewed from first-person perspective in Dragon Warrior style. Instead of party members you have ghosts you can summon to help you in battles, such as the soldier Moja and others. Hit points and magic points are called Courage and Dream, respectively. You gain levels only by finding special items, not from fighting random monsters.

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