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Game Lemmings


Your task is to rescue the Lemmings across 120 levels of fast-paced puzzling.

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Your task is to rescue the Lemmings across 120 levels of fast-paced puzzling. These creatures simply walk blindly through the world in the hope of reaching safety at the end of the level - unfortunately these levels include steep drops, gaps in the ground, barriers and rivers amongst other hazards.

You are in control not of any individual Lemming, but of a cross-hair, which can be moved over any of the Lemmings. Along the bottom are a selection of functions which can be assigned to a Lemming, including climbing, floating and bashing. You must click to select the appropriate function, then click on the Lemming to activate it. Each level has a different range of skills on offer, a different amount of Lemmings, and a different percentage target in order to progress.

Retro Achievements

Its only the BeginningThe journey BeginsHaving difficulty yet?I'm getting that Lemming FeelingLemmings, Lemmings EverywhereThese levels are a doddleRoast Lemming and PotatoesLemmingentry My dear WatsonLemming Flavour pleaseYou must be struggling by now!4 To go!!3 To go!!2 To go!!1 To go!!Nothing here!Well Done!!!May the Lemming Be With YouAnd the Award goes to... Lemming DicaprioLuke, I am your LemmingWe're gunna need a Bigger LemmingThe Power of lemming in the Palm of my HandOf Mice and LemmingsLemming, James LemmingLem-ming phone HomeGo ahead, make my Lemming

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