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Your task is to rescue the Lemmings across 120 levels of fast-paced puzzling.

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Your task is to rescue the Lemmings across 120 levels of fast-paced puzzling. These creatures simply walk blindly through the world in the hope of reaching safety at the end of the level - unfortunately these levels include steep drops, gaps in the ground, barriers and rivers amongst other hazards.

You are in control not of any individual Lemming, but of a cross-hair, which can be moved over any of the Lemmings. Along the bottom are a selection of functions which can be assigned to a Lemming, including climbing, floating and bashing. You must click to select the appropriate function, then click on the Lemming to activate it. Each level has a different range of skills on offer, a different amount of Lemmings, and a different percentage target in order to progress.

Retro Achievements

The ascending pillar scenarioLivin' On The EdgeUpsidedown WorldHunt the Nessy....What an AWESOME levelUmbrella landX marks the spotTribute to M.c.EscherBomboozalWalk the web ropeFeel the heat!Come on over to my placeKing of the castleTake a running jump.....Follow the leader...Triple TroubleCall in the bomb squadPOOR WEE CREATURES!How do I dig up the way?We all fall downSteel WorksThe Boiler RoomIt's hero time!The CrossroadsDown, along, up. In that orderOne way or anotherPoles ApartLast one out is a rottern Egg!Curse of the PharoahsPillars of HerculesWe all fall downThe Other SideThe Great Lemming CaperPee SoupThe Fast Food Kitchen...Just a Minute...Stepping StonesAnd then there were four....Time to get up!No added colors or LemmingsWith a twist of lemming pleaseA BeatII of a levelGoing up.......All or NothingHave a nice day!The Steel Mines of KesselJust a Minute (Part Two)Mind the step.....Save MeRendezvous at the MountainLock up your LemmingsThis should be a doddle!A ladder would be handyHere's one I prepared EarlierCareless clicking costs livesLemmingologyLemming sanctuary in sightThey just keep on comingLemmings in the atticBitter LemmingsLemming DropsMENACING!!Ozone friendly LemmingsLovely JubileeDiet LemmingaidIt's Lemmingentry WatsonPostcard From LemminglandOne way digging to freedomOhayo Lemming san!Turn around young lemmings!From the boundary LineTightrope CityCascadeI have a cunning planThe Island of the Wicker peopleExit in the groundRainbow IslandThe CrankshaftIf at first you don't succeed..Watch out, there's traps aboutParadise can wait (we hope!!!)Lend a helping hand....The Prison!Compression Method 1Every Lemming for himself!!!The Art GalleryPerseveranceIzzie Wizzie lemmings get busySUNSOFT SPECIAL 1SUNSOFT SPECIAL 2SUNSOFT SPECIAL 3SUNSOFT SPECIAL 4SUNSOFT SPECIAL 5

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