Live A Live

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperSquare Enix
PublisherSquare Enix
Release Date1994
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


In "Live a Live", you control seven main characters and play through seven different stories set in seven different time periods: prehistoric age, medieval Europe, feudal Japan, a futuristic world with robots and weird machines, etc. Those stories appear to have no common points, yet after completing all of them, you'll see they are in fact connected - the worlds of all those characters are threatened by the same ultimate evil force. The combat features many innovations compared to traditional console RPGs: your position on the battle field is important, and certain techniques can be used only from certain positions, and enemy attacks also affect only specific parts of the field. Out of the seven chapters, some have more battle-oriented gameplay, while others are more devoted to puzzle-solving and information-gathering. The game is one of the least known Squaresoft products, and was never released outside of Japan.

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AdaptableCaveman's GameCousin IttNot interested ?!!!Can you hear the bel ?A Prehistoric GagFinish HIM !What Happened this Time?Scientist are cryingI always said that coca cola was deadlyL...Looooooooove <3By this time savecards did not existMaster...Rave partyPleeeeeeeeese Master !That was not supposed to happend that earlyThat's a beautiful peach !Watanabe MasterNew martilal artNew MasterCenturies of old knowledgeI will get my revenge!Poor WatanabeLord IwamaYou're Giving Up!?Majin RyunosukeO robotFree GoemonYou can't deny my love !Humm... CastellaThis's awesum!Like the windIT'S A TRAP!Immortal ?You cannot escape when I have been calledMedical NinjaMy mission is overPeace, man!Show mercySakamoto RyomaHow about your sould ?Whats your name cowboy ?Glassa milk?SCORE !Don't be stupid !Nice jacketWhere are the Others?Too easyI'm a poor lanesome cowboyBetter endingOne bullet challengeAnd Watanabe...Name of the fighter !DUNGEON OF INTELLIGENCEHomo HabilisStrongest on earthDUNGEON OF MINDA famous name !I AM INVINCIBLE !!!Come on, Buriki Daioh... MOVEI don't want to know what happenedOh Watanabe !!!EEEEEEEEEk !Killing Machine !80s mecha endingGO BURIKI DAIOH !Hello World!What does these buttons do ?Holy crap, he just beat the game !Get It?THE HIGH SCORE IS MINE FOREVER !Ooops i forgot...What's inside this mechanical heart ?Secret logWhat else ?True survivorWhat is your name ?Already him ?Freeeee Weeeeeeeeed !The ones who don't belive in me will die !!!Nice armorKing of demonsDUNGEON OF STRENGTHApocalypse nowWe... are the true victors !L...ooooooooove !!!Everyone need a Kung Fu MasterI NinjaWhy are you following me... ?WrestlerPsyCubeDUNGEON OF INSTINCTDUNGEON OF TECHNIQUEDUNGEON OF KEYSDUNGEON OF TIMEA prehistoric nameI thought the diode was safelt sealed awayWatanabeRock and roll baby !UnstoppableOdio moleDance for me !Powerful mammothStrongest on UniverseMaximum CarnageI fling you into the world of death!Everyone will believe in me !Best Ending!DO YOU BELIVE IN ME NOW ?!

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