Mad City

Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1989
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


Your best girl Annabelle has been kidnapped by the evil Gordon, the "gangster king of Bourbon Street", and as Bayou Billy it is your job to get her back! Bayou Billy as an arcade action game with three different types of gameplay: fighting, shooting, and driving. The fighting sections take place in both swamps and cities, where you can punch, kick, and jump kick the numerous enemies (and swamp creatures!) you will encounter. The shooting section can be played with either the Nintendo Light Zapper or the controller. You have a limited amount of ammo to get through the level, and if you run out you lose a life. In the driving section your jeep is armed with machine guns and grenades to help get past the many enemy vehicles on the way to your destination. There is a total of nine levels, or you can play in the practice mode which lets you choose to play a fighting, shooting, or driving round individually.

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The Big Not-So-EasyReady For The Big FightReady For The Shoot-Out 1Ready For The Shoot-Out 2Collapse Of An EmpireLast Line Of DefenseSpeak Loudly And Carry An Ugly StickKnife Night For A WalkRunnin' Guns Thru The BayouBelmont Of The BayouBeatin' The Meat Outta ThemLead-Free HeroBulletproof SniperNo End In Gun SightRising Star In The BayouExtended Line Of CreditSupplying The Demand Of DeathLicking Your WoundsStay Of ExecutionRows Of Coffins For Murderers 2Rows Of Coffins For Murderers 1Backyard BBQSwamped With A Deadly Burden 1Swamped With A Deadly Burden 2Alley Of The GatorsReady For The Rough RoadsBayou Billy Beyond SuperdomeBourbon Street BeatdownKing Of The RoadA Man With Many LivesBulletproof BillyBackyard BravadoDrainin' The SwampEfficient KillerGuru Of Gator AlleyInterstate IntensityPractice Made PerfectGetting Straight To The PointsExecution At The EstateFunerals At The ParlorTorched The Tor-TureGas ShortageWhere My Dogs At?The Gore Is DoneA Short-Lived InheritanceBreaching The GatewayGordon's French Quarter SurrenderBare Knucklin' In The BayouBoss Of The BayouSecond Verse Tougher Than The First

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