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Release Date1991
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


Merlwood was once a land of peace and prosperity. The people lived in harmony with one another and with their surroundings, thanks to the benevolent influence of the native wizards and their magical arts. All was calm until one ambitious wizard named Abadon began to lust for power. Abadon overwhelmed the other wizards, brought evil upon the land, and made himself its master. Only Paul, a young magician's apprentice, was left to oppose him. Can you guide Paul to victory, or will Abadon rule Merlwood forever? Magician is a 2D, side-scrolling action RPG. As Paul, you must travel through towns, have conversations with non-player characters, acquire and manage inventory (food, water, weapons, potions, etc.), learn magic spells, fight battles, and solve puzzles. Your ultimate goal: collect each of the four elemental vials -- earth, air, fire, and water -- and combine them to create the Ultimate Potion. Only then can you hope to vanquish the evil wizard Abadon!

Retro Achievements

Deadest Magician EverTalentedCompetentExperiencedThe Secret of VENPhysical MagicianFire MagicianPower MagicianSupport MagicianExtra MagicianStaff CrafterMaze ExplorerLabyrinth ExplorerStaff CollectorPaul The Non-factorDextrousAptly NamedMaze SolverIsn't This A Tower?AdeptThe Journey BeginsLearnin' The RopesGhost SurvivorSerpentine Riddle SolverSimply CharmedDungeon StrollerLabyrinth SurvivorThe Journey Begins AGAINPythonoplant's BaneThe Journey Begins AGAIN AGAINSkilledExpertMasterWildy PK MasterAbadon Defeated?And Then Paul DiedFully RefreshedLocalized Bad WeatherSerpentine Riddle MasterThe YouthenizerDungeon RunnerFire ExtinguisherFull SpellbookReturning GuestPaul Over Troubled WaterNAME ME C-yeah, yeahRidiculously CharmingDungeonmasterAbadon's Crazy CastleQuick MagicianFinally Let InsideMagician

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