Marvel Super Heroes in War of the Gems

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1996
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


Marvel Super Heroes in War of the Gems is a side-scrolling platformer/beat 'em up based on the Infinity Gauntlet storyline from the comics. Adam Warlock calls on the heroes to recover the 6 Infinity Gems before they are used for evil. You may choose ones of five heroes: Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and Wolverine. Each one has different stats and abilities. (i.e. Spider-Man is agile. Hulk is strong, Iron Man can double-jump with his rocket boots, etc.) Initially you can choose a training area in Avenger headquarters or four levels. As you complete levels, most open up. Each hero can be equipped with gems to boost their abilities in each section. These must be obtained by finding them in the levels. Gameplay is fairly similar to X-Men-Mutant Apocalypse. Combat is all on a 2D plane. Each hero has basic jumps and attacks and special moves that can be executed with button combinations like quarter-rolls. Enemies include various villains from the Marvel Universe and evil doubles of various Marvel heroes.

Retro Achievements

NebulaFirst VictoryDr. Doom's Castle (Wolverine)Dr. Doom's Castle (Iron Man)Dr. Doom's Castle (Hulk)Dr. Doom's Castle (Spider-Man)Amazon (Captain America)Amazon (Wolverine)Amazon (Iron Man)Amazon (Hulk)Amazon (Spider-Man)Alaska (Captain America)Alaska (Wolverine)Alaska (Iron Man)Alaska (Hulk)Alaska (Spider-Man)Boston Aquarium (Captain America)Boston Aquarium (Wolverine)Boston Aquarium (Iron Man)Boston Aquarium (Hulk)Boston Aquarium (Spider-Man)Magus SpaceshipEgypt (Captain America)Egypt (Wolverine)Egypt (Iron Man)Egypt (Hulk)Egypt (Spider-Man)Mt. Vesuvius (Captain America)Mt. Vesuvius (Wolverine)Mt. Vesuvius (Iron Man)Mt. Vesuvius (Hulk)Mt. Vesuvius (Spider-Man)Arizona Mining Complex (Captain America)Arizona Mining Complex (Wolverine)Arizona Mining Complex (Iron Man)Arizona Mining Complex (Hulk)Arizona Mining Complex (Spider-Man)Asteroid Belt (Captain America)Asteroid Belt (Wolverine)Asteroid Belt (Iron Man)Asteroid Belt (Hulk)Asteroid Belt (Spider-Man)Dr. Doom's Castle (Captain America)Like a Extra LiveThe Ever PatriotThe BruteThe Playboy MillionaireThe Green GiantThe Friendly NeighborhoodStar Spangled ExplosionWeapon-X-FactorArmor FlareEarthquakeWeb SlamDr. Doom Mid-BossWelcome to Your DoomThree Against One (Hawnkeye Version)Gems PowerThree Against One (Dwarves Version)100% RecoveryEvil Vision50% RecoveryHead with Clown NoseDecesive BattleEgypt BattleEvil DarkstalkerZombie HulkFire AboboMajin BooProfessional HulkMy Heart is Pure EvilFemale CyborgProfessional WolverineEvil Iron Man and War MachineEXTREME!! DUDE!!Hulk and Wolverine FusionWorld HeroesProfessional Captain AmericaProfessional Iron ManProfessional Spider-ManThe Guardian of The Last GemMagus The CheaterInvencible HeroNot Too much War of The Gems

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