Mega Man 4

Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1992
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


In Mega Man 4, Dr. Wily is declared as having been killed by the explosion of Gamma. A year passes and Rock, Roll, and Dr. Light are living in peace. But soon, the peace is broken by a new threat. A supposed colleague of Dr. Light's, the mysterious Dr. Cossack, has sent out eight of his own Robot Masters to find Mega Man, whom Cossack blames for the kidnapping of his daughter. Mega Man, hoping to clear his name, sets out to find Dr. Cossack, this time armed with a powerful new weapon: the Rock Buster!! Rockman must now battle with Cossack's fiendish Robot Masters and find Cossack's daughter before it's too late! Originally for the NES, Mega Man 4 was also released for the PSX in Japan as the fourth installment in the Rockman Complete Works series.

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Dumpster Divin'Sewer SurfingPickin' Up a SixerThe Underground SceneTreasure hunterScientists resourcesTomb ExplorerBoneyard BashHas a nice ring to itFaulty BreakerU-boat CrewEquipped for Battle10 Million WattsDive! Dive! Dive with me!Submarine with AIPharaoh the robot IRing of FireChakramsSandblasted SkinPretend We're deadHorror Movie WannabeFROG BASEBALL!!!Knuckle DusterSanitationTools for SuccessRocket to RussiaBoom boom! Out go the lightsOh Kalinka!The man who pulls the stringsFeline LuckCan CollectorUnavoidable FlushA Find in the DesertTreasure in the Dark DepthsSolid Rock GrinderTunnel VisionLights On,Action!Standard EquipmentOverkillNew generation machineGoing in preparedHe's a Wily one!

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