Mega Man 7

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1995
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


At long last, Mega Man had finally manage to beat the evil Dr. Wily! With this defeat, Wily was thrown in jail, seemingly for good. The world would no longer be subject to his madness. But remember, Dr. Wily is mad, but he's not stupid. He had a backup plan...and all he had to do was just wait... 6 months had passed, and somewhere from deep within Wily's abandoned lab, 4 hidden capsules activated and opened. His backup plan was in action...he had hidden 4 new Wily Robots that would spring him out of jail so he could continue his mad reign. When Mega Man hears the word that Wily was busting out of prison, he rushes onto the scene, only to encounter a strange robot he had never seen before named Bass. Bass tells Mega Man to back off, that he would stop Wily, and that Mega Man was no longer needed. Think that's gonna stop Mega Man? No way! Mega Man takes off to put a stop to Dr. Wily and find out exactly whose side Bass is on...

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Spring SeasonCyberpunk 20XXA Trusty CompanionA Quick EscapeSorry To Burst Your BubbleAirheadedToday's Forecast is...Trash Belongs in The JunkyardWhat is a Pit?A Game Too EarlyBurning HotSlice N DiceFloating FriendFrozen CircuitHope of the worldWelcome To The Discount StoreWho Needs This Much Energy?Ghosts 'n' RobotsGo Back To Dracula's CastleElevator of DoomWere-RobotBalancing the scalesA Special GiftOne big screwGrowing StrongerLet's settle thisBomb,Bomber,Bombest!Vampire KillerVegetable CutterTrashingly BadRUSHing to the SceneSpare RefrigeratorFratricidal battleThunder CloudSurprise BoxerMega Bolt ManTurbo ModeBuster DuelSome Gut You HaveSuper Fusion BattleThunderbirdsFinal StretchOne Last DanceFor The Seventh TimeA True Hero

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