Mega Man X2

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1995
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


Sigma, the leader of the Maverick army, was destroyed when he underestimated his opponent: a lone warrior, awakened into a time he never knew...X. 6 months had passed, and X rose to the rank of leader of the Maverick Hunters. His first task was to eliminate the last of the Mavericks. But as he began his assignment, a mysterious group of Reploids calling themselves the X-Hunters appeared with a message to X: the remains of his fallen comrade, Zero, were in the hands of the X-Hunters, and they planned on resurrecting Zero to fight alongside them and for their fallen leader, Sigma. X must now stop the X-Hunters and rescue Zero, and once again prevent Sigma from rising back into ultimate power.

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Ostrich Man Starting WellFew ResourcesEverything In It's Right PlaceButterfreeFull PowerWhat Is Physics?Detonation in 3... 2... 1...I Know Your SecretsBreaking DiamondFailure in TrackingTwo SpongesRed Hot Chilli PepperInterior Crocodile AlligatorRoad RunnerArriba!Out Of FlamesEvolutionismPsychic TypeSnailed it!Sponge ManGator ManCrab Man Stag Man Moth Man Magna Man Snail Man Mighty No.9ViolentNot So Agile After AllIn-GeniusSuper IntelligentHeart-WarmingMagna Man XNo Damage, Dry SpongeNo Damage WheelingMeep MeepBubble PopperX Is Going StagThe Quick Multi-Colored XSuper ViolentSuper AgileIt's Morphin Time!Bullying The BullyDr. Wily Is DisappointedUndefinied Hovering ObjectReturn Of The RevengeHelpfulWhat Is He Fighting For?All Over Once AgainStreet FightingOverpoweredCompletely Done!eXtreme Dedication

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