Metal Gear

Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1988
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


Near the end of the 20th century, a small fortified nation named Outer Heaven (founded by a mysterious war hero whose name and identity are shrouded in secrecy) is threatening the nations of the "West" with the development of a new prototype weapon named Metal Gear, a walking tank which is capable of launching nuclear warheads from anywhere on the globe. As FOX-HOUND's (an elite black ops unit) newest recruit, going by the codename of Solid Snake, your mission is to infiltrate Outer Heaven and rescue your missing comrade, Grey Fox (who was captured after a failed infiltration), while gathering intelligence on Metal Gear. In order to fulfill your objective, you must collect various weapons and equipments (including keycards for further access into the fortress), while avoiding visual contact with the enemy. The player must also confront against bosses in the form of Outer Heaven's elite mercenary force and rescue hostages hidden within the fortress in order to increase their rank, which gives the player an extended life bar and increased storage capacity for replenishable items and ammo. The player can use a wireless transceiver to come in touch with their commanding officer, Big Boss, to learn more about their current mission objectives or contact one of the local resistance members operating covertly within the fortress to gain useful tips and insights.

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Tank You Very MuchBeretta M92FNikitaC4Shhh...M79Ingram MAC-11RPG-7At Least Rose Didn't Make ItHe's a Peeping Tom!It Stinks!Treat It With LoveHere Lies a Real ManDoes This Make Me Look Fat?Cute Little Sailor SuitAll I Can See Is RedIt's So BadIt's All MinePeople Still Use These?Now, You Give Me the DiamondI Didn't Pay Attention in TrainingGo Into The LightDon't Hold Your BreathThis is Big BossCall WaitingWhere Have You Been?! Focus, Woman!What a SnobThis is Outer HeavenAny More Bright Ideas?First Time For EverythingThey Call Me NobodyNobody Has Ever Escaped From He-Hey! Are You Listening To Me?!Did You Think I Wouldn't Notice?Yee-haw!You're GroundedGet Used to ThisBroad Side of a BarnMine NowTanks for the MemoriesDozed OffIf It Bleeds, I Can Kill ItHasta La Vista, Baby!What? I Am SO Dr. Prttrovich!STAY OVER THERE!!Fire ExtinguisherFire FighterWay To FallPlan the WeddingAm I Interrupting Something?We've Managed to Avoid Drowning!I Knew He Wouldn't Finish That SentenceI Am Coward Duck! ... Stop Laughing!WHO THE HELL IS STEVE?!Where Is Metal Gear?!Bigger BossThis Isn't How Clearance Works...DestinyMission Accomplished!Biggest BossGear Up!ArmedTo the Teeth!I Don't Need Your Advice!Kept You Waiting, Huh?FoxDIEThese Things'll Kill YaPretty Classy!Isaac Newton Would Like a Word With YouStealth is My SpecialtyDid You Dream About Dracula Too?Make Sure Nobody Sees YouOperation Intrude N313This Is A Stealth MissionNever Be Game Over

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