Metal Max

Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperCrea-Tech Inc.
PublisherData East
Release Date1991
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


"Metal Max" is a RPG set in a futuristic world, where monsters and mechanical creatures roam the land and where many people live in huge underground caves. You play the role of a young boy who lives in a town with his father and his older sister. Your biggest dream is to become a "hunter" - to kill the monsters that are roaming outside, and to receive rewards for that. Your father doesn't approve of your dream, but you nevertheless decide to explore the underground caves surrounding your town, to learn more about the world you live in, and eventually become a true hunter and help to overthrow the evil that threatens the world. The game is a console-style RPG with random encounters and turn-based combat viewed from third-person perspective, like in Final Fantasy. You can also pilot various vehicles. You can participate in battles while riding those vehicles, performing various special techniques. You also upgrade the vehicles and get equipment for them.

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