Miracle Girls

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperTAKARA Co., Ltd.
PublisherTAKARA Co., Ltd.
Release Date1993
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


Without warning Tomomi, Mikage and their friends are warped into a strange fantasy land. Now it's up to them to find their friends and get back to the real world. Miracle Girls is based on the characters of the manga and anime of the same name. The player starts the game by picking either Tomomi or Mikage, although they both have the same abilities. Either can jump or toss candy, which will render enemies harmless for a few seconds as they eat it. Enemies incapacitated in this way can be used as platforms. Hidden in levels are bombs that fill the screen with candy, turning any onscreen enemies into heart rings, fruit that increase health, and doors that lead to a celestial slot machine that can reward additional lives. At the end of each level is a different challenge with a boss, such as a top-down squirt-gun fight or a game of matching cards.

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