Monster Party

Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1989
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


You are a young boy with a baseball bat named Mark. On your way home from a baseball game, you encounter a monster named Bert. Bert needs your help in saving his planet from the evil monsters. You learn how to fuse with Bert and become a monster fighting gargoyle. You'll spend most of the game attacking bad guys by swinging your bat at them or volleying their fire. This is a side scrolling adventure, similar in play to Super Mario Bros., but with monsters and skulls. The game itself is infamous for its outlandish quotes.

Retro Achievements

Start Of A Monster PartyRock Out Baby!Sorry, He's DeadWatch The DanceDo Some DamageThe Deadly Cave... OF DARKNESSThe Ancient Tomb... OF HARROWINGFist My Wrath!Mark Soup!Suck AII Your BloodWelcome! Entrance To Pain.Rolling RoyceGoodbye! Baby!Monster Co-opartyPlease Pick On MeLet's Beat It Up!Look Out BabyThat OneLoooove It!I Feel Asleep!Suck All Your BloodI... Am... A...Me-ooww!Face The Music!The Filthy Sewers... OF FEAREat My Javelin!Party All NightThe Blissful Heavens... OF SERENITYThe Skyscraping Tower... OF TERRORThe Haunted Labyrinth... OF AGONYThe Rippling Lake... OF BLOODCame And DiedThis Party's OverLet's Go Again!

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