Moon Crystal

Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperHect Co. Ltd.
PublisherHect Co. Ltd.
Release Date1992
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


Moon Crystal is a platform action game where you control Ricky Slater on his mission to free his kidnapped father from the evil Count Crimson. The Count is forcing his father, a great scientist, to use the power of the moon crystal to turn the dead into living and rule the world. There are 7 stages, each ending with a boss fight. The themes of the stages follow the story closely. The player begins each stage with only small knife to defend yourself. The player can find power-ups that can extend the range of your knife, give additional health containers, allow Ricky to make double jumps etc. The player has 3 lives and also an unlimited amount of continues. The game is notable for its fluid animations and rich graphic cut scenes which moves the story forward. It was never officially released outside of Japan, but an unofficial English translation patch exists.

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Live Forever!Power SlashHealth Up!Double JumpDouble ThreatHealth Max!Defeated The Mutant Parasitic Alien!Defeated The Rooftop Thief!Defeated The Cloaked Gentleman!Defeated The Pirate Captain!Defeated The Boulder Brute!Defeated The Armored Antagonizer!Defeated The Barbarian Boss!Beat The Game!

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