Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperBeam Software
PublisherUltra Games
Release Date1992
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


Sutekh has gotten rid of local superhero Vortex, and now Metro City is in the hands of crime. You are Nightshade - the superhero that nobody knows - and your goal is to stop the evil doers, including main villain Sutekh. Nightshade is a humorous adventure game, with a menu that allows the protagonist to perform various actions, such as look, take, talk, etc. Also included are some one-on-one fight scenes, which differ from the standard controls and in which Nightshade is able to jump, kick, punch and duck.

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I Gotta Get More Sleep...Off to a Bad StartStar of Cairo(TM)Sacred Papyrus of Tanis(TM)Holy Propeller-Beanie of SolomonSutekh the DestroyerGuardian of the StomachBarf Out!!You're SO Not Getting a TipTea TimeIt's Not DiGiorno, It's Delivery!Ug, The Human Steam-ShovelPardon Me, Citizen. A Superhero Needs This!Bruce LeeYup... I ErredDid I Err?Passing GasP.S. - Buy BreadThe Part of the Library No One Ever GoesKitchee-Koo!Sacred Rat-Guard(TM) Amulet of BaastCaptain Whistley Tweet-O-MaticMay the Force Be With YouIs There a Doctor In The House?Feeding Your DemonsWhere to Stick ItMy Lair Now!Gotta Love the ClassicsThe Point I Was Trying To Convey...I'm Crushed You Feel That WayNice Woofums...How to Drop 16 Tons in Just 7 Seconds!I Was Frozen Today!Knick-Knack, Paddy-WhackIncredibly Obvious Secret ExitOh Thank You, Lampshade!A Seriously Large Wad of MoneyNo Matter How Small the CrimeMess Up the RugOMG! She Got My Name Right!I HAVE THE POWER!Adolescent Irradiated Samurai RatThe Name Is NIGHTSHADE!Chuck NorrisThe Bigger They Are...Nightshade Punched Me In The Face Once. It Was Awesome!How Do I Defeat You?Absolute Bonified Legend MaterialI Gotcha CoveredRound 2. FIGHT!Don't Mess With the Neighborhood Watch Guy!Better Superhero Than YouCooler than Bond Too!

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