Ogre Battle : The March of the Black Queen

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1995
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


Lead the rebellion and lead your army to reclaim your land from the evil Zenobian Empire in this real-time strategy game. Free towns and collect items and tarot cards to increase your strength, as well as recruit allies to join you in your crusade. But when you finally win the day, will you be a benevolent leader, or an become an evil despot yourself? You must decide.

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LOSER!BeginningRevolutionAdvanceFull MoonGlass PumpkinDays Long GoneBlack KnightLegendCrimesThunderstormThe WizardThe PrinceThe Cloud CitySnow FieldsImprosonmentWhite NightsThe EmpireThe AssassinFinal ParadiseSeperationGrailThe End NearsOgre BattleBlack Knight's Last BreathEvil Mage's Last BreathBlack GodThe PaladinThe Lost KnightThe Dragon RiderAngelFiresealSharom's FinestPagent WinnerWorlds Greatest Beast TamerThe Old GeneralHoly SisterShe's the WitchThe Runaway BrideStoned MageThe Prodigal SonElf's ProtectionHoly ContractI'm the DevilOlympic WinnerMr PopularRallyAngelic ForceHere to do the Devils workPratice NecromancyForceful LeaderYou Are  A True Hero...Maybe?Silver BulletHoly SwordGolden OrbGem of TruthHoly TabletMonty PythonKeeper of the ZodiacReturn from NothingRelief from the TundraBenevolent OverlordHoly RulerAs the World TurnsBen HurSwinging In the WindDont Fear the ReaperThe Dark TowerPrime MoverFortunate VictoryGold NuggetMoon RoseI Think of Demons...For YouBox of SalvationThe Good BookLottery WinningsChrono Trigger?Beautiful StatueFriends Of DemonsNecronomiconPandoras BoxMythological TomeLive by the Coin or by the SwordOrc FurStar Bees?Everybody is a WinnerSeal of FireQuest for the SagaGothillinareBiggest DivaWings of VictorySave the WorldBig Happy Family

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