Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1992
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


This is mostly the parody of Gradius (Nemesis on some systems), with some flavor from other shoot-em-ups, like Twinbee. The series is available on numerous platforms. The game is a right-to-left scrolling shoot-em-up. You can choose from 4 different flying creatures, with different weapons. You must finish 7 stages, each having a boss at the end. You may start at either one, but must complete every level to advance to the final stage.

Retro Achievements

Ga(g)lactic Hunter Omake IV (Hot Lips)Island of Pirates (Super Edition)LabyrinthAh! Traveling JapanSpace Battleship Moai (Super Edition)Fever Again Today with the Gunkan MarchBeautiful GalsFrom the Far North Country '90Night of the Living DeadSentoZeo's Fortress (Super Edition)OmakeDing-ding-ding! (Super Edition)Bell Pump (Super Edition)Bell TubeBell Wall (Super Edition)Bell Flare (Super Edition)Vic Viper de Luxe (Super Edition)Enter of the Lil Kraken (Super Edition) Fushin Feeba (Super Edition)Pentarocket (Super Edition)Penguin Craze IPenguin Craze IIPenguin Craze IIIPenguin Craze IVPenguin Craze VPenguin Craze VIGa(g)lactic Hunter I (Treasure Chests)Ga(g)lactic Hunter II (Clowns and Presents)Ga(g)lactic Hunter III (Chalices)Ga(g)lactic Hunter IV (Jack-o'-lanterns)Ga(g)lactic Hunter V (Pig Cupids)Ga(g)lactic Hunter VI (Dojo's)Ga(g)lactic Hunter VII (Rikishi's)Ga(g)lactic Hunter VIII (Galls in Bubbles)Ga(g)lactic Hunter IX (Sea Anemones)Ga(g)lactic Hunter X (Fish Bones)Ga(g)lactic Hunter XI (Skeletons)Ga(g)lactic Hunter XII (Karakasa's)Ga(g)lactic Hunter XIII (Washing Pigs)Ga(g)lactic Hunter XIV (Dancing Pigs)Ga(g)lactic Hunter XV (Dancing Skeletons)Ga(g)lactic Hunter Omake I (Moai's)Ga(g)lactic Hunter Omake II (Flying Crawfishes)Ga(g)lactic Hunter Omake III (Falling Skeletons)Even the Patience of a Pierrot Has LimitsGa(g)lactic Hunter Omake V (Pals in Bubbles)The Yellow Bell-o'-belly (Island of Pirates)The Yellow Bell-o'-belly (Even the Patience...)The Yellow Bell-o'-belly (Labyrinth)The Yellow Bell-o'-belly (Ah! Traveling Japan)The Yellow Bell-o'-belly (Space Battleship Moai)The Yellow Bell-o'-belly (Fever Again Today with the ...)The Yellow Bell-o'-belly (Beautiful Gals)The Yellow Bell-o'-belly (From the Far North...)The Yellow Bell-o'-belly (Night of the Living Dead)The Yellow Bell-o'-belly (Sento)The Yellow Bell-o'-belly (Omake)The Yellow Bell-o'-belly (Zeo's Fortress)Sextuple JackpotCat BattleshipCaptain Penguin Nohusuki IIIChichibinta RikaEagle SabuHot LipsButa ShioCaptain KebabYoshikoViva CoreHoneyPuuyanYoshiwara DayuuHiyuma TakoShower CageNon-Sense Fantasy NumbersOne and a Half of Lillipop MillionaireVic Viper Rides Again (Super Edition)Cute'em All (Super Edition)Flying Penguin Forever (Super Edition)There Is No Option HereSmall Guns or BustNo Takoyaki for You, Baddies! (Super Edition)From Myth to Laughter (Super Edition)Parodiusly Serious (Super Edition)Sriracha LollipopSerious LollipopVery Parodiusly SeriousSeriously ParodiusVery Serious LollipopVery Seriously Parodius (Super Edition)

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