P.O.W. : Prisoners of War

Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1989
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


The enemy is unstoppable. They maintain vigilant guard over their front lines! The only way to defeat them is to get behind their lines. But how? By allowing a soldier to get captured, perhaps he could escape and single-handedly defeat the enemy forces in his way. In P.O.W., the player is a soldier who has been imprisoned in a Prisoner of War camp and must escape. In order to accomplish this, he must defeat a variety of enemies. The foes will attack you hand-to-hand, with knives, guns, and from helicopters. Boss enemies will guard the end of each level. To fight back, you can use hand-to-hand, and pick up weapon power-ups, found on the ground, in rooms, or dropped by enemies. These weapons include a knife, which can be used to stab or be thrown, guns and grenades.

Retro Achievements

Practice ModeBRAGging RightsDeadshotYOU over HIGet a Life Refill Grab a GrenadeRambo KnifeGrab a Semi-Auto Machine GunGet ArmorBrass KnuckleStill Useful without AmmoNo More Prison FoodConfidence Build-UpA Story for the GrandkidsLucky 7Tae Kwan Do ExpertKilling SpreeBlood-stained KnucklesI'm Tired of Eating River Rats!Hunger StrikeEscape with LootsNirvanaAdrenaline RushJacob's Ladder"Braddock! Braddock!"

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