Prince of Persia

Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperBroderbund Software
PublisherAvalon Interactive
Release Date1992
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


The Grand Vizier Jaffar has thrown you into a dark dungeon and plans to marry the girl of your dreams in an hour. You're not going to let that happen are you? Try to escape from the dungeon, take out Jaffar's guards, find your way through the Sultan's palace and defeat Jaffar himself. Now go, you've got 60 minutes! Prince of Persia is a 2D platformer with run and jump gameplay. Your hero must avoid deadly traps, solve some simple puzzles and engage in sword fights with the guards. The player has an infinite amount of lives, but has to restart at the beginning of a level each time he dies, and must complete the game within an hour. An especially noteworthy aspect of the game is the very fluent animation of your character. The Game Boy Color and SNES versions of the game feature additional levels and new enemies. The Genesis version has a new intro and an altered set of graphics but the level layout remains almost identical to that of the original.

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Get ready to battleI am already goingWas it a skeleton?The Magic MirrorWho was that?Thank you ShadowThis is some kind of magicThanks for the helpHigher and higherGuardians become strongerI am coming, Jaffar!Rejoin the shadowThe tyrant Jaffar is gonePrincessThe first victoryLittle HelperIt is only beginingShadowShadows don't need waterI can fly!The Art of ParryingPowerfullWarm up is overSo StrongerI cannot flyToo easyGood reactionWell done, Prince of PersiaWorthy fightGone in Forty MinutesNo wayMaster of FencingSilence is gold

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