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Game Rambo III

Sega Master System
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GenresLightgun Shooter-Action
Release Date1987
PlatformSega Master System


Play as Rambo in this light phaser friendly game. Battle your way through Afghanistan in a solo rescue mission. You are fighting alone for two reasons. One being the C.I.A. doesn't want to stir up a war, two being your Rambo! Your mission is to rescue your comrade Colonel Trautman from the Soviets. He was taken in as prisoner while he was delivering weapons to the Mujahedin freedom fighters. He is being held captive in a prison camp.

For weapons you have an AK-47 and grenades. You can pick up grenades by blasting open containers such as pots and crates. Use your fire-power to destroy all enemies and you will continue to the next stage.

The first stage is a Soviet army base packed with plenty soldiers. The next stage is a village where the soviets are hiding. Then the rest of the levels are Mountain, Prison Camp, Soviet camp (escape during night), Cave attack, then the final stage where you fight the Mil Hind Helicopter.

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