Ranma 1/2 : Chougi Ranbu Hen

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1994
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


A 2D one-on-one fighting game based on the Ranma 1/2 manga series dealing with the adventures of a male martial artist cursed to transform into a female version of himself when splashed with water. Ranma 1/2 : Chougi Ranbu Hen pits 12 characters from the series (including the male and female versions of Ranma) against each other in best 2-out-of-3 rounds matches, with the goal being to defeat all the opponents and thus claim a magical lucky cat that will grant the champion whatever he wishes. Gameplay involves controlling your character in a 2D scrolling arena, in which you attempt to defeat your opponent by using your basic attacks and special moves, all the while avoiding your opponent's strikes. You can also charge up your character until he reaches "super" mode, which allows you to unleash super moves for extra damage, but performing any basic attack negates the super mode. Features the standard single player and Vs modes along with a Tag Team Vs mode in which two players select a pair of characters and can exchange them in mid-fight for strategic advantage.

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Fighting For The Last Yakisoba PanRaku Ryuu Geki!Gyaaa !!! Stay Away From Me!Cat-Fu Ken Side Effects (Purrr ... Purrr)Mousse Being Mousse (That's All, Folks!)Where Have You Hidden My Beloved Ranma?!Take it Easy Little Girl! You Only Have One WishLook, Ranma! I Won! Gwa-Ha-Ha-Ha!Akane's Wonderful RecipeAnd Again, Ryoga Got LostTee-Hee. Shampoo So Happy!Finally I Will Have My Luxurious Dark Hair (...)The Millennial Wisdom of Herb - Hello Kitty!Hiten Pompom Uni Bomber!Yakiire Shippuu Dotou!Hiryuu Kourin Dan!Golden Hiryuu Kourin Dan!Higi Keiran Ken!Kuro Bara Fubuki!Happou Tsurisen Bai-gaeshi!Daikaiten Ha Ma Suika Satsu!Tendou Dash Tsukioshi!Shishi Houkou Dan Kansei Kata!I Turn Wishes Come True With My Effort!Panda Jigoku Meguri!Ryuu Sei Hishou!You Should Have Just Stayed At The Cheer TeamPancakes and Takoyakis Please!Who Cares ... I'm Going Back To ChinaDelicate Girls Should Not Be On The Battlefield!It's Not Tricks, I'm A Black Wizard!The Black Rose Won't BloomHey Darling, It's Time To Watch The Doraemon ShowOsage No Onna !!! Akane !!!Anything Goes Martial Arts? I'm Not Sure ...Ryoga's KarmaThe Kiss of DeathAunf, Bark! (I Should Have Stayed Playing Mahjong)Musk Dynasty? Ha! Where's The Strength of The PastThe Most Wonderful Cat In The WorldRule Imposed By The Principal KunoEverything Is Possible After A Good Night's SleepYes, We Are Strong! I Hope You RememberYappappa- Yappappa- II Shan TenSlice of LifeIf You Have A Curse,  Use This To Your Advantage!

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