Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperTechnos Japan
Release Date1987
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


This is the conversion of Taito's scrolling beat 'em up, which later produced unofficial sequels Target: Renegade and Renegade III: The Final Chapter. The game is set on the mean streets of Brooklyn, which you must venture through to meet your girlfriend, and then rescue her from her kidnappers. This is split into five levels, taking you through the subway and the docks as well as some inhospitable streets. A wide range of aggressive moves are on offer, including headbutts, kicks, punches and flying kicks. Much of the game's violence is depicted in a fairly tongue-in-cheek style, with an element of attempted humour along the way.

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This is Just the BeginningIt's Me or ThemCleaning Up the StreetsCrime FighterThe Name's Mr. KYou Ain't Tough Enough for Me!To the Moon!Food of HeroesNeed for Speed1-UpMission 1 [Level 1]Mission 2 [Level 1]Mission 3 [Level 1]Mission 4 [Level 1]Sabu Rush IKim Rush IJoel Rush IJack Rush IKnockin' HeadsVigilanteReluctant HeroCrime StopperOne Man Army IJoel Rush IIMission 4 [Level 2]Mission 3 [Level 2]Mission 2 [Level 2]Mission 1 [Level 2]Jack Rush IIRenegade Kim Rush IISabu Rush IIJack Rush IIIJoel Rush IIIKim Rush IIIOne Man Army IIMission 3 [Level 3]Mission 1 [Level 3]Sabu Rush IIIMission 2 [Level 3]Mission 4 [Level 3]One Man Army III

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