Road Fighter

Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1992
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


Enter into the fiery heat of competition, as you head for the glory awaiting you at the finish line ! You'll need all your wits about you as engage in this fast-paced road fight. You drive a racing machine at speeds of 400 km/h. As you start, the sound of your engine roars through the quiet residential area. you have entered the tough world of racing. It's a hectic rally as your rival attempts to block your way to victory. It is a race of limited time and fuel. You'll encounter oil slicks on the road and big tractor-trailers blocking your path. Only your driving skill can get you by these obstacles. If you go into a spin, you must immediately cut the steering wheel in the opposite direction. Getting a bonus car along the way replenishes your fuel supply. Good luck in your race across the bridge, along the coastal highway, and around the steep and narrow mountain course!

Retro Achievements

Double Goal!!! (Level 2)Gentlemen, start your engines!Beginner RacerBeginner Racer 2Beginner Racer 3Your First Trip!Intermediate RacerIntermediate Racer 2Intermediate Racer 3Double Goal!!!Advanced RacerAdvanced Racer 2Advanced Racer 3No RefuelGreat TravelerGreat Traveler 2Great Traveler 3Luckiest man in the world!JourneyJourney 2Journey 3Mastered Course 2 (Level 2)Drift KingBeginner Racer (Level 2)Beginner Racer 2 (Level 2)Beginner Racer 3 (Level 2)Your First Trip! (Level 2)Intermediate Racer (Level 2)Intermediate Racer 2 (Level 2)Intermediate Racer 3 (Level 2)Check Point!Advanced Racer (Level 2)Advanced Racer 2 (Level 2)Advanced Racer 3 (Level 2)Mastered Course 1 (Level 2)Great Traveler (Level 2)Great Traveler 2 (Level 2)Great Traveler 3 (Level 2)Mastered Course 2Journey (Level 2)Journey 2 (Level 2)Journey 3 (Level 2)Mastered Course 1Score!New Score!The Bigger They Are...Good Score!Triple Goal!!!Mastered Course 4 (Level 2)Mastered Course 3 (Level 2)Triple Goal!!! (Level 2)Nice Score!Mastered Course 3Mastered Course 4You're almost there!!! (Level 2)You're almost there!!!Hi Score!Master Score!Like a Road Fighter! (Level 2)Like a Road Fighter!Champion Score!

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