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The mighty robot King has taken over Dr.

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The mighty robot King has taken over Dr. Wily's base, invaded the Robot Museum, and stolen 100 CDs containing secret robot plans, hoping to create the ultimate unstoppable army of robots! And to make matters worse, he's sent 8 robot masters to prove his new-found power!

Mega Man is the only one who can stop him...or so he thought! Bass, Dr. Wily's greatest creation and Mega Man's sworn rival, is actually fighting ALONGSIDE Mega Man for once! Of course, it's only to prove that he's the strongest robot ever made, and he'll do it by smashing King's army of mechanical maniacs!

Now, Mega Man and Bass are heading out to get back all of the CD's that King stole. Run, jump, slide, dash, and blast your way through to destroy this new menace!

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Robot MuseumIced much?Space SimulatorSand everywhereJungle on FireAboard the Ship!Crazy LaboratorySky FunAmusement parkFirst HuntSpenderVictimHeads up!WonderBolts!Struck by lightningIce CubeI don't trust in cardsU.F.ORemotely destroyedDrillman reconstructedThrough the wallInto the Spikes!Burned to bonesKing of the PiratesTwo verus oneRecovering baddieDrilledI prefer ground battles...Sliced in halfThese tricks won't work on me!Into the FortressFortress Ambushed!More than a robotRebel robotFull CollectionSuper Fighting Robot!Forte goes Berserk

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