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Game Secret of Evermore

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperSquare Enix
PublisherSquare Enix
Release Date1995
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


You start out as a nameless boy and his dog, literally from the town of Podunk. You chase the dog into an old abandoned mansion, where a scientist lived 30 years ago. Some of his equipment is still operational, and when your dog chews on it, you're both sent to the strange world of Evermore. Now you must try to get back.

The action-RPG gameplay is very much like Secret of Mana, with a few key changes. Multiplayer is out. Rather than three characters, there are just the two. The equivalent of magic is alchemy, where each effect requires several base ingredients which you gather as you go along.

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Great, Kid! Don't Get CockyNot in Kansas AnymoreMore Like a Six-Foot TurkeyIt's Tough to be a BugSnakes... Why'd it Have to be Snakes?The Big WooCaesar is a Salad Dressing, DudeAre You Not Entertained?Get in Mah BellyNo Thanks, I'll Have a MinotaurEfday Shokran AmenophusYou Spin Me Right Round, BabyDum-dum Give me Gum-gumIt Came from Beneath the SeaWe're Men in TightsNI!Maybe We're At War With Norway?DracarysR.O.U.S.'s? I Don't Think They ExistCodename DuchessDance, Puppet, Dance!Faith, Trust, and Pixie DustBrand New Edgar SuitWhat a Piece of Junk!For Your Eyes OnlyLudicrous SpeedWelcome to the World of Tomorrow!88 Miles Per HourDilithium Chamber At Maximum, CaptainLet's Blow This Thing and Go HomeSmeagol Is Free!I Am invincible!Gunpowder, GelatineFace OffGuns. Lots of GunsThe Apparel Oft Proclaims the ManCaptain PlanetPrince CharmingYou're Still Here?Clever GirlASPCASay Hello To My Little Friend'Cause I Can't Sing or DancePuppy Power!Greed Is GoodBees?Dance, Magic, Dance!So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

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