Shadow of the Ninja

Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1990
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


In the 21st century, the evil Emperor Garuda has taken over the city of New York, killing many of its inhabitants. You play as either Hayate or Kaede, two ninjas who are attempting to free the city from Garuda's control. Shadow of the Ninja is a typical side-scrolling action game, consisting of running, slashing and jumping through 5 levels, each with 4 sub-stages with numerous and varied foes, and a boss enemy at their end. Kaede and Hayate can not only jump; as ninjas, they can hang from platforms and make swift saltomortals between floors. Sometimes, canisters containing powerups can be found. Typical powerups extend range of the default sword, or they may be additional weapons such as throwing stars and a ninja weapon that looks like a big grappling hook on a string. The game allowed two players to play cooperatively, a rare feature for action games outside of the Contra series.

Retro Achievements

Desperate Attack!(Hayate) Get shurikens!(Kaede) Get shurikens!Beat Stage 1-2Max Power!Beat Paloonka!Beat Stage 1-3Mastered the Killer-Tank!Mastered Golden Samurai!Beat Stage 2-1Beat Stage 2-2Mastered the Missleman!Defeat the Missleman!Defeat the Killer-Tank!Beat Stage 3-1Beat Stage 3-2Mastered Captain Hawk!Beat Stage 5-1Beat Stage 4-1Beat Stage 4-2Beat Golden Samurai!(Kaede) Defeat Emperor Garuda!(Hayate) Defeat Emperor Garuda!Beat Captain Hawk!End of a tyrant!Master of Kage!

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