Sega Mega Drive / Genesis
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DeveloperSky Fallen
Release Date1993
PlatformSega Mega Drive / Genesis


Welcome to 2050, chummer. Shadowrun is an action RPG of epic proportions. You take on the role of Joshua, a Shadowrunner out to discover who murdered his brother. Along the way you get into street brawls, deadly gunfights, run the Matrix, slip into and out of the MegaCorps, explore the wild wilderness and deal with every low-life mage and high-tech cyber Street Samurai in Seattle. Shadowrun was based on the FASA RPG of the same name, and while real-time, modeled every rule from the paper system, from character stats to experience to combat to weapons and equipment. The game used an overhead view for physical combat, and a third person "POV" when on Matrix runs. It allowed two other characters to join your party either temporarily or "for life" however long that may be...

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Checkout TimeOn the TrailIf Kung Lao Was a PimpThe Horse's MouthBarfightRetirementHe's One of Them RangersI Am Iron ManHornySit, Boy!I'm An Agent Of ChaosSantaThe Puppet MasterSniffing Out a RatTabatha ShaleNo Job Is Too Big. No Fee Is Too BigAnd I~I Will Always Love YouuuuuMailmanCowboy DiplomacyDelivering the NewsSuckerI Pledge Alleigance To The Mob...Clearing Your NameProtection RacketBad SecurityConcealed CarryThe Key To EnlightenmentBar TabsFrosty the SnowelfCareer ChangeTronYou and Your JohnsonSoldiers of FortuneAddress BookYa Got Heart, ChummerThe Lion's DenA Crushing DefeatDistgruntled Postal WorkerLicourtrixThe Day the Courage of Men FailsSLOT OFF, FRAG-FACE!!The Legends Were TrueYer a Wizard, JoshuaInterrogating HimLoose EndsThe Heart of WashingtonMitsuhackaGive Them the RaspberryKratosKicking Some AztecIf She CouldJailbreakThe Face of Your EnemyPiecing it TogetherThis One's PersonalSavin' the Day

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