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Game Shadowrun

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperData East
PublisherBeam Software
Release Date1993
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


The SNES version of Shadowrun appeared earlier than the Genesis one, and it is an entirely different game, with different story and gameplay, although it is also based on a pen-and-paper RPG of the same name. Your hero, Jake, is attacked by assassins, and appears to be dead. However, a mysterious dog approaches his lifeless body, transforms into a woman, and casts a spell on him... After that Jake wakes up in the morgue. He doesn't know what happened to him, he doesn't even remember his own name. Wandering through the futuristic city, where monorails, computers, and street gangs armed with automatic weapons co-exist with orcs, dwarves, and vampires, you begin to discover the mystery and to learn about the dangers awaiting you around every corner.

Shadowrun for SNES is a skill-based RPG that uses real time combat. You can hire "deckers", i.e., temporary party members, but the main focus of the gameplay is on Jake and his abilities and skills. There are no random battles, but many screens with respawning enemies, where you can earn experience points and upgrade your skills. The experience points are called "karma" in this game. You need to gain karma in order to advance in one of the several skills available to you. You'll also be able to buy skills from people. The skills include firearms, computers, negotiation, leadership, and many others. You can also use the gained karma points to upgrade basic stats like hit points or charisma.

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First thing to ask about..Second thing to ask about..There's no place like homeLets run togetherFavourite Beverage - not todayRent-A-CopWho you gonna callEnter the matrix - not yetThe Shamen is GoodeBone idolCollaredWhat a sassie minxIt's dark and I'm wearing sunglassesGoing to a concertWhat a (just over a) grand old timeYou need a weaponTwo men enter, one man leaves, round 1Two men enter, one man leaves, round 2Two men enter, one man leaves, round 3Two men enter, one man leaves, round 4Two men enter, one man leaves, round 5Two men enter, one man leaves, The King editionBottled it - not yetCan you see anything inside?Not the meat varietyMind not blownNot quite reflexologyLearn a few new thingsTime to find the doorRelieve the painWhere'd you go?It comes out like a powerballStay cool!Rise from your graveThis magic is like a shield of steelStrobeBoom Boom, I can't shake the roomWho is this Shadowrunner?Best equipmentArmor no longer lightYou've hit five figures5 grand in the bagThat doesn't hurt anymoreThe complete bodyThe most powerful spellsI AM STRONG!You love meShooterNearly AnonymousRyu WannabeYou can't see meYou can't touch thisReverse Ghost BusterStop. Freezing timeLeader of the packI'd buy that for a dollarTwo men enter, one man leaves, round 6Two men enter, one man leaves, round 7Two men enter, one man leaves, round 8Two men enter, one man leaves, round 9Two men enter, one man leaves, round 10Take out the tentaclesJake Armitage - Vampire HunterGold NagaNever Deal with a DragonTop of the buildingFree the MatrixHiring all the runnersEntering the Aneki buildingThe Stillettos dig their heels in and are snappedYou dirty ratEmpty out Drakes towerAneki on the upSome light readingYou jest

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