Smash Tennis

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1993
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


The controls of Smash Tennis work similar to other tennis games and especially Namco's previous tennis game World Court Tennis: the player moves the athlete over the court and presses buttons with the correct timing in order to win the match. This time there is no story mode, but a tournament mode instead. Here the goal is to win the Grand Slam by playing various tournament matches. However. a match only has a single set. There are 20 athletes (both male and female) to choose from which have different advantages and drawbacks.

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Live to winIf at first you Don't Succed....Why so good?Win 2nd round aussie openGame Set MA.........Win 1st round aussie openWin 2nd round asian OpenAce ManWin 1sr round asian openHello Net playerThe ReturnerAmerica open 2America open 1All just Too easy.Namco Cup 2Its ok only one errorNamco Cup 1Champion in the makingSmash!Win  the american openWin 1st round euro openWinning!Win 2nd round euro open Qualify for world tournamentChallenge AcceptedWin the aussie openStar playerAre you Tim Henman?History BreakingWin the asian openError ProneHard VictoryIs that you Andy roddick?Win euro openSmash them!Grand Champion of TennisWin a grand slam!Error Prone Opponent

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