Snake's Revenge

Nintendo Entertainment System
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PublisherUltra Software Corporation
Release Date1990
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


An unofficial sequel to the original Metal Gear for the NES. Three years has passed since the Outer Heaven incident. FOX-HOUND has gained intelligence that an unknown terrorist group has seized a remote facility containing mass-produced Metal Gear tanks, as well as a new Metal Gear prototype which was under development. The newly-promoted Lt. Solid Snake is called back into action to infiltrate the terrorists' base with the help of two FOX-HOUND rookies, former marine Nick Myer and navy intelligence agent John Turner. The player once again assume the role of Snake. The objective is similar to the previous game, as the player must avoid any kind of visual contact (even moreso than the first game), while collecting weapons and equipment on-site. There is a greater variety of areas such as a jungle, a warehouse, a train, a couple of prisons and even a cargo ship containing the mass-produced Metal Gears. The player must also overcome new traps such as searchlights, soldiers in gyrocopters, door-sealing devices and even suicide bombers. The player must also interrogate captured enemy officers by injecting them with a truth serum to increase their rank, in addition to saving hostages like in the first game. Side-scrolling areas are also included in addition to the main overhead game, where the game takes a more action-oriented route (while still maintaining the stealth premise).

Retro Achievements

ShotgunOperation 747Grenader UnitMetal GearsJohnImposterNagmachon TankNickBig BossJenniferMetal Gear 2Stealth Operation [No Alert]A Snake on a Ship [No Alert]Spy Train [No Alert]Camp Sidescrolling ChallengeSecurity Breach [No Alert]Fortress Sidescrolling ChallengeThree in a RowStealth Operation [Expert]A Snake on a Ship [Expert]Tango [Expert]Spy Train [Expert]No Place to Hide [Expert]No Place to Hide [One Life]Spy Train [One Life]Tango [One Life]Secret MessageVideo Game LogicRank 2Rank 3Rank 4Rank 5A Snake on a Ship [One Life]Rescue and Interrogate IStealth Operation [One Life]A Snake in the JungleSpikesSilencerMachine GunUltra-Sheik Assault UnitMine DetectorBatteryOptic LensX-Ray LensNight SightAntennaBootsArmor VestBackpackAntidoteSmoke BombCard #1Card #2Card #3Card #4Card #5Card #6Card #7Card #8Dancing in the MinefieldStealth Mission [One Life]Equipment CollectorMission AccomplishedRevenge for No OneRank 6No One leaves the ScreenStealth Mission [Expert]Security Breach [Expert]Security Breach [One Life]Weapon CollectorTrust No OneSnake's Revenge [No Alert]No OneThree Graves for No OneNo One's Second StrikeSnake's Revenge [Expert]Rescue and Interrogate IISnake's Revenge [One Life]

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