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Game Boy
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DeveloperRare, Ltd.
PublisherTradewest, Inc.
Release Date1991
PlatformGame Boy


When Sonia Snake is kidnapped by the Nasty Nibbler, only two snakes can save her! It's up to Attila and Genghis to eat their way through sixteen tricky stages as they avoid nasty traps and open the exits by standing on the scales to open the exit door.

Sneaky Snakes is a pseudo-sequel to the NES game Snake, Rattle 'n Roll. However, instead of an isometric playfield, the game is this time a standard sidescrolling platformer. Players can play as Attila (or link up and play simultaneously with a friend as Genghis) through various devious levels. The goal of each level is to eat enough Nibbleys (round creatures which come in assorted flavors including balloons, jellyfish, joggers, and more) to earn enough tail segments. When your snake has enough segments, its body will flash, and you can weigh yourself to open the exit gate and progress to the next level.

Each level has a time limit of 99 seconds - if this runs out, a giant ax will appear, chasing after your snake until it eventually destroys it. To prevent this from occurring, you can collect clocks which add another 30 seconds to your time limit. You can also collect power ups such as increased jump height, tongue extensions, and diamonds which briefly make you invincible.

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