Solstice : The Quest for the Staff of Demnos

Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperSoftware Creations
Release Date1990
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


The Princess Eleanor has been captured by the evil mage Morbius and is somewhere in the fortress of Kastlerock. You play the part of Shadax, who must now rescue the Princess by searching the fortress for the six pieces of the magical Staff of Demnos and use it to defeat Morbius. Solstice is a combination of a puzzle/adventure and action game played from an isometric 3-D point of view. There are numerous rooms to explore in the fortress, many with dangerous, evil creatures wandering about and traps and obstacles to get past. Along the way there are magic potions, keys, and many other items to find which help you get past the creatures as well as reach new parts of the fortress.

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Purple Potion IIThese Boots are Made for JumpingKey IIIKey IVBlue Potion IBlue Potion IIPurple Potion IKey IIGreen Potion IGreen Potion IIYellow Potion IYellow Potion IIYellow Potion IIIKey IHat DiverHidden Room IIHidden Room IIIHidden Room IVHidden Room VHidden Room VIStonehedge ExplorerStaff IIStaff IIIStaff IVStaff VStaff VIHidden Room IPocketful of HatsYard ExplorerCompletionist IICompletionist IStaff ICompletionist IIICastle ExplorerGarden ExplorerNo ContinuesPerfectionistCave ExplorerRescuedMinimalistThe Immortal

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