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Game Star Ocean : Blue Sphere

Game Boy Color
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Developertri-Ace Inc.
PublisherEnix Corporation
Release Date2019
PlatformGame Boy Color


Star Ocean: Blue Sphere is another installment in the Star Ocean series and it is a direct sequel to Star Ocean: The Second Story.

The game starts with the crash land of Opera's starship on the Planet Edifice. Opera wakes up, gathers all crew-mates and decides to send S.O.S. to their friends on Earth. While the help is coming, the first events begin.

First of all, you should assign 3 crew-mates to the team in order to explore the planet. After you move out to the ground you may switch between team members, walk around the planet, go inside locations, interact with items, talk with friendly persons, and begin battle with hostile creatures. Each member has a certain number of skills, which may be used and developed in RPG style, and some unique abilities. The monsters are seen by your team and battles may be avoided.

The battle flows in side-scrolling real-time mode, when you control main selected character in the team, while others act based on their own AI.

The game is made in Japanese and is single-player only.

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