Star Trek, Starfleet Academy : Starship Bridge Simulator

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1995
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


Two years before the better-known computer game came this title, in which the aim is to successfully complete the space combat element of Starfleet training. You will fight Klingons, deal with repairs, and find yourself in all manner of dangerous situations, but try to stay within Starfleet directives. The game is viewed from the bridge of your vessel (there are 5 different ones in total), with polygons used to display the action. Information on the world situation at the time of the game is supplied within the game. There are quick missions bringing scenes from Star Trek movies to life.

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Need to know the basics.Captain on the Bridge.Getting to know my friends.Full Power to Shields!Conquered USS HoodRomulan D-7R LegendUSS Hood LegendUSS Explorer LegendKlingon Bird of Prey LegendRomulan Pheonix LegendConquered USS BolivarConquered USS TereshkovaConquered USS BantingConquered Klingon K't'ingaConquered Klingon Bird of PreyConquered Romulan Bird of PreyConquered Romulan D-7RUSS Tereshkova LegendConquered USS ExplorerConquered Romulan PheonixConquered Gorn Light CrusierConquered Tholian Light CrusierConquered Venturi Light CrusierUSS Bolivar LegendUSS Banting LegendKlingon K't'inga LegendRomulan Bird of Prey LegendTo be... or not... to be...KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!Danger and I are old companions.SophomoreJuniorSeniorStarfleet Academy GraduateBeating the Unbeatable

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