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Game Super Adventure Island

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1992
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


You are a caveman named Master Higgins. You have a beautiful girlfriend, and you like spending time sunbathing together on high trees and other places on the tropic island Waku-Waku. But all of a sudden, an evil magician turns your wife into a stone! As you begin to realize what happened, a bird grasps you and throws down somewhere on the island. You have to find your way back and to save your girl from the grim reality of petrification...

This emotional drama turns out to be a rather simple platform game. The short, linear levels are all timed, so you have to hurry up and not to get delayed by the many treasures you might find on your way. You will have a weapon, your old trusty boomerang, which you will be able to upgrade during the game. After a series on levels, you will be invited to a boss battle. The sooner you complete a level, the more bonus points you get.

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Skaters Gonna SkateOhhh, it glows!Lookie, a bonus!Sweet, another bonus!Where were you in 3?The Final Bonus!Extra life!Steppin' on the beach'!I miss the Beach alreadyThe Good, the Bad and the FatShoulda wore pants!Now, where were we?And that's why they call me Master

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