Super Back to the Future Part II

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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PublisherToshiba EMI
Release Date1993
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


A Japanese-only platform game where you control an anime-like Marty through Hill Valley. There are multiple stages, set across different time zones (present, future and past) where you hover-skate later on. You will encounter bosses like Griff, Biff and the corrupt Biff. Manically portrayed versions of Doc and Griff can also be found (see password entry screen).

Retro Achievements

Pro Hoverboarder III (Outside Cafe 80's 2015)Lesson (Round 0-1)Cafe 80's Griff (Round 1-2)Outside Cafe 80's 2015 (Round 2-1)Courthouse Griff (Round 2-2)Downtown Hill Valley 1985-A (Round 3-1)The Biff Tannen Museum (Round 3-2)Jazzman (Round 3-3)Pleasure Paradise Hotel (Round 3-4)Hammerman and Ringmaster (Round 3-5)Oak Park Cemetery 1985-A (Round 4-1)Oak Park Cemetery 1985-A Reverse (Round 4-2)Biff's Casino Maintenance Shaft (Round 4-3)1985-A Biff (Round 4-4)Hill Valley High Exterior 1955 (Round 5-1)Hill Valley High Utilidor 1955 (Round 5-2) Enchantment Under the Sea Dance (Round 5-3)3-D, Skinhead, and Matches (Round 5-4)The Pursuit (Round 6-1)1955 Biff (Round 6-2)Pro Hoverboarder XIII (The Pursuit)Pro Hoverboarder XII (Enchantment Under the Sea Dance)Pro Hoverboarder XI (Hill Valley High Utilidor 1955 )Pro Hoverboarder X (Hill Valley High Exterior 1955)Pro Hoverboarder IX (Biff's Casino Maintenance Shaft)Pro Hoverboarder VIII (Oak Park Cemetery 1985-A Reverse)Scrooge McFly I (Future 1)Scrooge McFly II (Future 2)Scrooge McFly III (Present 1)Scrooge McFly IV (Present 2)Scrooge McFly V (Past 1)Scrooge McFly VI (Past 2)Pro Hoverboarder I (Lesson)Pro Hoverboarder II (Courthouse Square 2015)Courthouse Square 2015 (Round 1-1)Pro Hoverboarder IV (Downtown Hill Valley 1985-A)Pro Hoverboarder V (The Biff Tannen Museum)Pro Hoverboarder VI (Pleasure Paradise Hotel)Pro Hoverboarder VII (Oak Park Cemetery 1985-A)Great Scott! II (Courthouse Square 2015)I'm Your Density... VI (Past 2) I'm Your Density... IV (Present 2)I'm Your Density... III (Present 1) I'm Your Density... II (Future 2)I'm Your Density... I (Future 1)This is Heavy! I (Cafe 80's Griff)This is Heavy! II (Courthouse Griff)This is Heavy! III (Jazzaman)This is Heavy! IV (Hammerman and Ringmaster)This is Heavy! V (1985-A Biff)This is Heavy! VI (3-D, Skinhead, and Matches)This is Heavy! VII (1955 Biff)Great Scott! I (Lesson)I'm Your Density... V (Past 1)Great Scott! III (Outside Cafe 80's 2015)Great Scott! IV (Downtown Hill Valley 1985-A)Great Scott! V (The Biff Tannen Museum)Great Scott! VI (Pleasure Paradise Hotel)Great Scott! VII (Oak Park Cemetery 1985-A)Great Scott! VIII (Oak Park Cemetery 1985-A Reverse)Great Scott! IX (Biff's Casino Maintenance Shaft)Great Scott! X (Hill Valley High Exterior 1955)Great Scott! XI (Hill Valley High Utilidor 1955)Great Scott! XII (Enchantment Under the Sea Dance)Great Scott! XIII (The Pursuit)Cat to the FutureYou Don't Need Money, Don't Take Fame...Gotta Get Back in Time!

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