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Game Super Buster Bros.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1992
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


The world has come under attack and it is up to you as a Super Buster Brother to ensure that the world is cleared of all bouncing bubbles. Every time you shoot a bubble, it breaks into two smaller ones. But be careful! If a bubble touches you, you're history! Whether you play in the Panic Mode or the Tour Mode, the challenges will keep you on your toes! In the Panic Mode, bubbles large and small pour down for 99 levels of exhilaration. In the Tour Mode, you will travel the world in search of new and explosive bubble bottles. Enjoy the action, but be alert! As you progress through the levels, the game becomes more exciting as the bubbles bounce faster and faster.

Retro Achievements

Panic Mode - Reach level 55Panic Mode - Reach level 60Panic Mode - Reach level 65Panic Mode - Reach level 70Panic Mode - Reach level 75Panic Mode - Reach level 80Panic Mode - Reach level 85Panic Mode - Reach level 90Panic Mode - Reach level 95Panic Mode - Beat Panic ModeTour mode - Beat World 5Tour mode - Beat World 10Tour mode - Beat World 15Tour mode - Beat World 20Tour mode - Beat World 25Tour mode - Beat World 30Tour mode - Beat World 35Tour mode - Beat Tour modePanic Mode - Reach level 5Panic Mode - Reach level 10Panic Mode - Reach level 15Panic Mode - Reach level 20Panic Mode - Reach level 25Panic Mode - Reach level 30Panic Mode - Reach level 35Panic Mode - Reach level 40Panic Mode - Reach level 45Panic Mode - Reach level 50

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