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Game Super Fire Pro Wrestling : Queen's Special

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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PublisherHuman Entertainment
Release Date1995
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


Long before the WWE introduced the Divas wrestling matches, in Japan there was an extra serious affair, the place wrestling skill used to be greater necessary than breast implants, and fits have been "real" (as a long way as wrestling goes) alternatively of pillow-fighting or bra and panties fights. In this sport in the Fire Pro Series, the solid of the All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling merchandising are available, all hostilities to win the Red belt, the perfect prize of the federation. It's additionally feasible to battle in single matches, tournaments, Battle Royal and Elimination matches. The regular array of choices in CAW is present, being possible to create sixteen new Wrestlers. Gameplay, as standard is the series, is dramatically one-of-a-kind than in most western games. Each wrestler has a bunch of moves, ranked from vulnerable to strong. While it's viable to connect any of them from open situations, whilst grappling only when the opponent is already crushed the most effective moves can be efficiently used.

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